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14th August Guns N' Roses Arrive in China!

Guns N' Roses arrived in China for the start of their Chinese Democracy World Tour, whilst singer Axl confirms Democracy album song selections!

The group are set to show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Tonight (August 14th 2002) as part of a series of shows which will progress to Leeds Fest on the 23rd August and then to London Arena Docklands on the 26th.

In a recent interview Axl Roses describes performing in China as a "Dream Come True" saying that the current concert and appearances are warm ups for a larger performance in late spring! And is aniticipating a rocky road ahead.

Axl has also easy fears that GNR are likely to boycote their UK appareances by confirming the gigs will go ahead.
"To the ones who are negative and want to see myself and the new band fall on their faces, personally i can't pass up the opportunity to upset so many of them in one big swoop. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it. I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. But seriously...this is our tour. This is a set of performances i've agreed to. That i have personally authorised not somebody else's good intentions gone awry or a reckless promoter's personal agenda. These shows are important to us, and for better or worse will be there. For those who've had my back and are down with us with even a modicum of understanding we hope to give you our best, and look forward to seeing you on this little intro jaunt."

Axl has warned fans not to spent their lives waiting for the new Chinese Democracy album, but has also confirmed that the album is nearing completion, and has added that the pressures on completing previous albums was something he was not prepared to repeat, and possibly jepardise the album. Read Full Version Here!

Tour Dates


-Wednesday 14th - Hong Kong Exhibition Hall
-Saturday 17th - Japan Toyko Chiba Marine Stadium (Summer Sonic Festival)
-Saturday 18th - Japan Osaka WTC Open-air Stadium (Summer Sonic Festival)
-Firday 23rd - England Leeds Festival
-Saturday 24th - Belguim Pukkelpop Festival
-Monday 26th - England London Docklands Arena