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15th August Hair Guitar

This was a completely different sort of threat. This was, as Sonic Youth put it, "the year punk broke", metal of the pretty and old school was no longer acceptable, and the hair, once metal's pride - primped, fluffed and hairsprayed - was now unwashed. Grunge had arrived.

Some metallers gave up. But some, like Axl Rose, tried to fight the changing times. At the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, after being taunted by Courtney Love, he spoke to Kurt Cobain. "Shut your bitch up," he said, "or we can take this down to the pavement." It was war, but he was losing.

Finally, 11 years later, Axl Rose is back to resume the fight. But what about those other rockers, those valiant poodles who also served? Where are they now? And will they return?