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Monday 26th London Arena, GNR set to Rock the UK Fans!

Guns N' Roses are set to appear in front of a massive crowd at the london Arean Docklands on Monday 26th of August. For many GNR fans the arrival of Guns N' Roses has been much anticipated. The fears that GNR werent going to appear at the UK gigs were laid to rest with appearances that wowed the crowds in Japan and at last nights Leeds Festival.

Rumours have it that Weezer a group much loved and supported by our front man Axl Rose has been rumoured to be supporting the band on the 26th. Weezer is famous for many rock classics such as Hash Pipe. I will be personally attending the gig, and will keep you informed on the what goes down. But i erge my fellow GNR fans to buy a ticket for yourselves , which are still on stale at Thats right GNR fans its not too late!!!