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Guns N' Roses University of North Dakota

Axl: University of North Dakota white Sioux jersey, black nylon pants, whites shoes. For November Rain Axl switched to a green North Dakota State University Bison jersey. It had yellow writing, word "Bison" on it. For those of you who don't know, UND and NDSU have a long-standing rivalry. And Axl showed up supporting them both. It was great.
Buckethead: Black shirt, with a black cape. Khakis for pants.
Robin Finck: Black jumpsuit. He started out with his hair tightly tied up. For LALD, he wore a black motorcycle helmet and black sunglasses. After LALD, he put his hair down. Finck would put his hair back up for Rocket Queen, and the rest of the show.
Tommy Stinson: Plad blue suit. Light blue with dark blue big stripes and thin red stripes. Tommy would lose the coat at the band introductions.
Dizzy Reed: The same shirt as at the VMA's, with black leather pants.
Brain: Black shirt, black backwards baseball hat, and shorts.
Chris Pitman: Black pants, blue jean coat, and white shirt, with a black winter hat. Maybe he was cold.
Richard Fortus: Blue and white striped jeans, white shirt with a red skull and cross bones, with a black mesh shirt over it.

II Stage Setup:
As the audience looks at it, their angles. There are 8 long vertical banners with three pairs of Chinese writing on them a piece. Brain's Drum kit is elevated. To the left of him is Dizzy, with bongos, synthesizer, piano, and microphone. Opposite Dizzy, to the right of Brain, is Pitman. He has three different types of piano/synthesizers and a microphone. From left to right on the main stage, is where Buckethead, Fortus, Stinson, and Finck usually are. And of course, Axl is all over the place. Axl had a telemprompter on the left side of the stage.

III Setlist and highlights:
Welcome To The Jungle (Sparks)
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone

Because It's been a long time since you've had your ass kicked properly!!!

Axl said: "So, look at all these front rowers. We'd like to thank you all or coming out tonight, all that's been said, I'd say you have the right to be skeptical.

Live And Let Die (Pyro)
Think About You
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Axl had microphone problems until the first verse. He couldn't hit high notes especially. The second verse had cool synth in it.)

Now this is surprising, Axl said: "This is a song Dizzy wrote about his girlfriend Angela" I was expecting something new, or maybe even Silk Worms, and then the play:

You Could Be Mine (Pyro. There were shots of a KFC in china with people on bikes and in cars. It was sped up.)

Someone tried to take a picture, and Axl said: "I'm sorry.I apologize.I apologize.I should have stood still." Then he changed the subject when he said this: "You can't tell people what you mean, because they already know what you feel on the inside of you." Then he said something I didn't understand, and mentioned Slash, whom the whole schpiel may have been about. Then Axl said: "Ladies and Gentlemen.Mr. Robin Finck"

Sweet Child O' Mine (Buckethead left stage before the guitar solo.)

A fat sheriff came on the video screens. He had a nightstick and was chewing tobacco.

Out Ta Get Me (Pyro)

Axl talked about how "A couple of individuals need to correct the lighting gear."

Band Introductions, in this order: Finck, "Thomas Veenideen Stinson," as Axl so eloquently put it, Pitman, Dizzy, Fortus "bang for your bucks," Brain (who when introduced took a bite out of a big green apple and a banana), and then Axl said: "Long ago aliens left it to a chicken coop.ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Buckethead"

Buckethead nunchucka, robot dance, Solo/Star Wars Theme/The Empire Strikes Back/A Pirate's Life For Me (APLFM keeps playing, pre-recorded, as BH goes to get a Target bag. He throws out gifts to the crowd.)

After BH was done, Axl said: "Now wasn't that fun boys and thank Uncle Axl for bringing it along."

Piano Solo, which included a beautiful piano part. It flows much too well to not be a new song.

November Rain (No Buckethead. After awhile, he came back, tried to play his guitar, but no sound came. He got pissed, threw it down, and walked offstage.) Finck had exactly the same guitar in this song as Slash used in the video. Talk about "replacements." The second half of the song had spark showers.

Because It's been a long time since you've had your ass kicked properly!!!

Then Axl said: "Before we get into this song, we actually have 'bout a lil' intro?"

The band jammed. It was fucking awesome.

Rocket Queen

Start Madagascar, then stop quickly. Axl asked "Are we okay?" Then they went back into the song.

Madagascar (With the same beautiful images. Spark shower.and it was Pitman who sang the background vocals) Then Axl said: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dizzy Reed."

The Blues

Axl said: "I guess this might be people's bedtime. I see some people falling asleep.tsk tsk tsk.let's see.where are we? Give me some marshmallows."

Chinese Democracy (Pyro) Axl said afterwards: "Well.we do hope to see you again. We hope you see us again.and if you tell a friend and they tell a friend and they tell a friend and they tell a friend and they tell a friend."

Patience (Tommy laid down on his back for part of the song, which was real cool. Fortus and BH had acoustic guitars, Finck played the solo with the electric.)

My Michelle

Finck Solo/Paradise City (American flag on screen at beginning of PC. Pyro, spark shower, and confetti everywhere.)

Well that's it. Nothing new new. It was an excellent show, and Axl was perfect the entire night. I was twelve rows back from him, on the right side of the stage, so I saw Finck most of the night. It was an incredible show. I 'm not sure if this is a band or some lumbering juggernaut that has yet to be awaken. Attendance was between 5500-6500.


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