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GNR News & Axl Interview (26/11/02)

According to keyboardist Dizzy Reed, the new Guns 'N' Roses disc, Chinese Democracy should be in stores by June 2003. "There are just a few odds and ends left to do - a couple of finishing touches, a couple of vocals — and we need to mix it," he said.

In the meantime, G'N'R are mounting their first North American tour since 1993. On the eve of the band's performance in The Palace in Detroit, Michigan, Thursday, Nov. 21, Axl Rose gave a 15-minute interview to Detroit's 101 WRIF, during which he discussed the upcoming album, the new members of the group and his former bandmates. A short transcript is excerpted below.

WRIL: It was definitely a shocker to see you there on the MTV Video Music Awards. How long did it take to get that whole thing rolling?

Axl Rose: "Well, they were in negotiations about trying to figure out how long we could do something and where it would be at the show for, actually, somewhere near the beginning of that little mini-tour we did. And then we didn't have what we were doing on stage worked out until the day of the show."

WRIL: So that whole Guns 'N' Roses medley –- is that what you had worked out or just the whole……?

Axl Rose: "Yeah, that thing. 'Cause it wasn't for sure that we were playing until the day before the show."

WRIL: Now, tell me about the reaction from people. They must have been blown away there, huh?

Axl Rose: "People were pretty shocked. Yeah, definitely (chuckle)."

WRIL: You must have been pretty fired up. How did you feel going back out there on stage, live TV and all that stuff? You must have been a nervous wreck all that day.

Axl Rose: "Well, no, I wasn't bad, but everything tends to go wrong in my world. Like, even going to soundcheck, the people wouldn't let me down the street to go to the building. And then, the day of the show, they didn't let us go down that street. I had to get out of the car, run past the police, and they're telling me I have to stop, and I'm like,' I've gotta sing.' And the best part was, as I'm running down the street, I had to run past all the people lined up to get into the building, and they're going, [puts on dumb rock fan voice] 'Hey, there goes Kid Rock.' I thought that was pretty funny."

The entire audio 15 minute interview may be heard here (Loads extremly fast)


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