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9th July 2003 - Chinese Democracy Seems To Be Closer Than We Think

Fernando, one of the Beta's childrens talk about Axl and the album released!! He says it'll be released probably in the middle of octuber and they'll be on tour again after that ! ! !

Origin - O Globo Entertainment (transl.)

>>Interviewer – Hello Fernando, what brings you to Rio?

Fernando – I am here on vacation. I have many friends in Brazil, but I have to go home on the Saturday

>>I – Do you miss Brazil?

Fernando – I miss my friends, but I like California more. I have lived there for ten years now, and have made many new friends who I like very much

>>I – How is Axl?

Fernando – Axl is very happy and relaxed. He is still working on the new Guns n’Roses album at the moment. He never stops (Fernando laughs)

>>I – When will we all get to see the new Guns n’roses album?

Fernando – Axl says he wants to release the album in the middle of October and I think he will because the album is almost finished now and Axl is happy with it. It is a very beautiful album too. I think you will like it

>>I – And is Axl planning on touring this Winter?

Fernando – Yes. He wants to start touring when the album is released. He says he might tour America again first, but I tell him to do South America first as they are his biggest fans and his friends

>>I – Do you think that people will go to see Guns n’roses after the cancellation of their tour last year?

Fernando – Yes, yes. It was not Axl’s fault. He will tell you later. He was late to the concert and it got cancelled by the promotion people who were scared that there would be another riot. It was silly because there was a riot anyway

>>I – Will you be travelling with Axl on his tour?

Fernando – Yes. I like to travel and Axl likes my company. We are like brothers, and sometimes we fight like brothers *Fernando laughs again*

>>I – Ok, thanks for speaking to us Fernando and enjoy the rest of your vacation

Fernando – Thank you



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