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Chinese Democracy Information

There has been no official release date for Chinese Democracy although it is believe to be release sometime in late 2003. As further news breaks around the much anticipated GNR album, news will be posted. Meanwhile below are current news articles on Chinese Democracy and related stories.

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Collaborating Musicians On Chinese Democracy

Josh Freese: Drums
Paul Huge: Guitar
Brian May: Guitar
Zakk Wylde: Guitar
Dave Ambruseze: Drums
Shaquille O'Neal: Additional Vocals
Gary Sunshine: Guitar on Oh My God
Dave Navarro: Guitar on Oh My God
Steve Salas: Guitar

Guns N' Roses Potential Democracy Tracks

Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Rhiad & The Bedouins
The Blues
Chinese Democracy
Catcher in the Rye
This I Love
Zip It
Silk Worm
This Life
No Love Remains
Closing In On You
Cock-a-roach Soup
Something Always
Hearts Always Get Killed
Strange Disease
Friend or Foe
Never Had It
Oh My God

Title: Chinese Democracy
Record Label: Geffen/Interscope
Expected: Late 2003
Producer: Sean Beavan, Eric Caudieux, Roy Thomas Baker