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2nd September 2003 - The Latest Breakdown On Eddie Trunk I.R.S


Before I give the word to Eddie Trunk (who played the new GUNS N ROSES song IRS on his radio show on Saturday), I have a little comment to make. And this is weird. A few days ago I was optimistic about a release of Chinese Democracy soon. Yesterday I wasn't. Now I am again, because I remembered something: Last year, at the show in New York, MSG, Axl told a fan that it was planned to kick off with Chinese Democracy around Labor Day 2003. And, well, it was just the Labor Day Weekend when Eddie played the new song. Does that make hopes up?

Now, here's what Eddie Trunk himself has to say about the case:

All The Details On Guns & Roses, as Eddie Trunk & Mike Piazza make world news playing the new song first!! Please read before eMailing RE: G&R!!!!

Posted By Eddie Trunk on 09.01.03

I have been HAMMERED with email from all over the globe regarding my exclusiveairing of the new Guns & Roses track IRS this past Friday. This has become a MAJOR story, and I'm trying to get back to as many people as I can, but simply can not respond to everybody. Here is the latest on what went down:

My friend and occassional co-host Mike Piazza paid a visit to the show closeto Midnight. As you could imagine, Mike gets a tremendous amount of fan mail, and being a hard rock and G&R fan, lot's of CDs in his mail. Mike came in with a CD that was labeled as new Guns. It was packaged anonymously. Mike wasn't sure if it was legit, but we put it on the air, and the phones went nuts. The song was called IRS and sounded like Illusion era G&R, with a few modern touches (loops, samples in intro). I don't think it was 100% complete, but sounded pretty close. We took live calls about it, and people were blown away at the exclusive they just heard on my show (not to mention it was a star baseball player that came up with it!). I like G&R, but I'm not a fanatic, but I must say, the song was really good. There were other tracks and music on the CD as well, but I only had a chance to listen to them on the ride home. Mike left the CD with me, so I could determine what to do with it from there.
Questions of how legit this recording was were quickly squashed when I started to get calls and email from the bands management on Saturday. This was VERY legit! A few facts here:

It will NOT be played again! Now that I know it was legit, I have co-operated completely with the bands management, and have been asked to turn over the CD, which I did. I no longer have it. It was not labeled in anyway, it was just a burned CDR.

The song will not be included on the replay show. I have been forced to edit it out (another reason why my show is best heard live!). There are legal issues if you don't comply, and I will be served with papers to prohibit the
repeated airing even if I still had it and wanted to!! It will not be heard again until it is an official release.

The rest of the CD was also cool. It sounded like a total of 3 songs, with instrumental versions of each of the 3, making a total of 6 tracks (I think). The last track, which I did not play, was the best. A great rocker, with tons of shredding guitar from Buckethead. I don't know what the title was, but I kinda wish I had the chance to play that one as well. Mike & I didn't really know what we had, so we just played the first track IRS.

We have no idea where this came from. Mike threw out the packaging when he went through his fan mail weeks ago. I would say it was somebody that works in a studio, or perhaps an intentional leak to build buzz. Of course I'm just thrilled they picked my show and Mike to send it to! If you remember, there were also reports a couple months ago of Axl playing this music in strip clubs, maybe another source? Again, we have no idea!

Again, I have co-operated fully with the bands management. It will not be replayed and I no longer have it.

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