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The first international band is... Guns N'Roses (text translated by Babel Fish)

The festival Rock in River-Lisbon has the honor to announce the famous band Guns N ' Roses as head of poster for the second night of the event. Espectáculo of Guns N ' Roses will have place in day 30 of May of 2004.

If it had doubts concerning the existence of the Guns N'Roses, leaves of having them. They exist and go to be gifts in the Rock in River Lisbon.

The Guns N'Roses is confirmed and comes back to be gifts in the party Rock in River, of this time in Portugal.

Considered as one of the biggest stars of the rock of all the times, Axl Rose has already a long relation with the Rock in River, having actuado in editions of 1991 and 2001 of the biggest festival of music of the world.

In 2001, more than 200 a thousand fans partilharam the return of Guns N ' Roses, having considered its actuação as the best one of the festival. After seven years moved away from the palcos, Axl had the chance to give to know the new alignment of Guns N ' Roses and offered to memorable public one espectáculo that it lasted two hours more than. The respect of this inesquecível concert, Kurt Loder, of the MTV, affirmed that it had been "... the return of Rock & Roll ".

With its insolent attitude, irreverent style and powerful presence in palco, Axl Rose and Guns N ' Roses are again ready "to arrasar" the public of the festival. Espectáculo of Guns N ' Roses promises to be an obligator moment of the Rock in River-Lisbon.

For Robert Medina, mentor of the Rock in River, "the force and energy of the only Axl is e is basic terms these characteristics in the Rock in River." Medina considers that the respect of Axl for the event and its public if reflecte when offering to them a so spectacular concert and admires the work of the band.

The Rock in River will be carried through in Lisbon, one week before Euro 2004. On the actuação of the band, one of the biggest Brazilian Ronaldo, football players, gave the following declarations: "I am very contented for knowing that Guns N ' Roses in River-Lisbon had confirmed its participation in the Rock. The charismatic actuação of Axl in the Rock in River 2001 was spectacular. I attended its full actuação of energy before a hearing of 200 a thousand people; running in palco of a side for the other and the plateia that sang in unisonous with it, he was inesquecível. He was, surely, one of my preferred actuações of the festival. Great espectáculo! - Ronaldo Nazario de Lima said.

The lendária band of Los Angeles, joins itself, thus, the Ivete Sangalo, Brazilian atracção, and to the Portuguese rock musician Rui Veloso, two names confirmed in the Palco World. Also already they had been announced the presence of the Frenchman Thierry Robin, in the Raízes Tent, and of the Portuguese DJ Vibe, in the Tent Electrum.

E when music to finish... Guns N ' Roses a time will continue to make the difference that the band will go to support a child through the Childreach/Plan, the institution of social solidarity supported by the Rock in River-Lisbon, in 2004.

He is, then, proven through the Rock in River-Lisbon and of Guns N ' Roses that music can help to construct "a Better World".

It sees this notice in video in FROG XL

Biography of the Guns N'Roses

The Guns N'Roses had been formed in Los Angeles in 1986, dates where they had edited the first album "Live Like Commits suicide It".

Initially the band was composed for Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler; this last one finished for giving to place the Matt Sorum, the formerones of the The Cult.

The Guns N'Roses counts on 6 albums since 1986.
"Appetite Will be Destruction" was the album presented to the public in 1987. The subjects "Sweet Child O'Mine", "Welcome You the The Jungle" and "Paradise City" had obtained to be in first the ten places of top American.

Album "GN'R Lies", presented one year later, had almost all musics of the first album to the exception of four new acoustic subjects.

In 1991 the Guns N'Roses edits in set "Uses Your Illusion I" and "Your Illusion II Uses".

But the group was not only famous for its musics (that the sex, violence and drugs had references), as also for being eccentric in public, for example, in the prémios of the MTV.

When the album "The Spaghetti Incident was edited", in 1993, the Slash guitarist saíu of the band. It was only Axl as the only member of the group created in 1986.

The last work that had made was in 1999: the subject "Oh My God", for the film "End Of Days".

The actuais members of the band are: Axl Rose, Chris Pittman (former-Tool), Dizzy Reed, the stock exchange operator Tommy Stinson, the baterista Brian "Brain" Mantia (former-Primus), guitarists Robin Finck (Ex-Nine Inch Nails), Richard Fortus and Buckethead.

Edited albums

- Live Like Commits suicide It, in 1986;
- Appetite Will be Destruction, in 1987;
- GN'R Lies, in 1988;
- Your Illusion I Uses, in 1991;
- Your Illusion II Uses, in 1991;
- The Spaghetti Incident, in 1993;
- Live Was 87-93, in 1999

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