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(thanks to Nytrain from 2000 Intentions!)

I was listening to "The Brooke And Jill Show" on 94.7 the zone in chicago this morning, around 630AM.
They had Zakk on via phone, and they were talking to him. One of the girls first asked him if it was true that he played with Axl. Zakk replied like this(I cant give exact quotes, but this is the basics)....
Yeah, that was back in 96, 97. I had know him for a long time, so he asked me to come in and bring some ideas. I brought in some riffs and we were putting together some cool shit(he got blepped). Axl was involved in lawsuits, and when alot of things with managers and lawyers took too much control for my liking. Axl came up to me at one point and said I heard you wanted 3 million up front and your own tour bus, and Im like what the fuck did you hear that from. There was too much legal shit for me at the time. So then another guy on the show, Brian The WHipping Boy asked Zakk what Axl's problem is. He said there seems to be a legion of fans just waiting for him, and he keeps screwing the comeback up.

Zakk replied... Axl has gotten himself into a giant chess match. He keeps trying to take the music along with trends, and he was fighting off lawsuits from the past and trying to keep the GNR spirit alive and continue it on. He pays too much attention to trends in music, and what legal advice he gets about touring, contracts, and the record release. I still talk to him once and a while and he's always saying, well if I do this or that, and Im like what the fuck are you a lawyer or a singer? Cause the last time I read the credits on Appetite For Destruction it said W. Axl Rose- Lead Vocalist. And I told him, like I'll tell anyone, he is one of the best ever, and just needs to get out there and sing his balls off and prove why he is one of the best frontmen ever. He is a great songwriter, and has some incredible music buried underneath all of his problems with trying to get legal advice and stay up with trends.

When it comes down to it, the music he has is different and better thananything out, and the old GNR music still stands above everything that came outafter it. That was pretty much it. Like I said that isnt exact quotes, but its pretty close, and nails down what Zakk said.


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